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STEAM SUMMER SALE HAS BEGUN!!!! New sales 1pm est

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Say goodbye to your money! Get your hot deals on games while they're hot!!

New sales every day at 1pm EST. They also have flash sales that are every few hours. You can vote on them too.

Xan's List of Games Bought So Far List:
Crusader Kings II
Tropico 4
Dead Island
Legend of Grimlock (gifted)
Secret of the Magic Crystals (gifted)

Xan's Waiting For Better Deals List:
Batman Arkham City
Arma II

Xan's Gifted to Friend's List
Killing Floor
Mount & Blade: Warband
Posted Jul 12, 12 · OP · Last edited Jul 16, 12
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Kwon a
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what is a steam?
Posted Jul 13, 12
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Kwon wrote:
what is a steam?

Is it similar to pulling a train?
Posted Jul 15, 12
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You have an account Kwon. It's KwonTchii and you lasted saved tons of money on games 249 days ago! Jesus! Use Steam more noob!
Posted Jul 16, 12 · OP
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I think I have at least 20 games on steam that I've never even played.
League of Legends: Narnak
Battle Tag / Hearthstone: Narnak #1177
Posted Jul 16, 12
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